Tayama 10 Cup Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

  • Durable and long lasting Stainless Steel Inner Pot and Steamer
  • Elegant round shaped cool-touch body
  • Transparent moisture drip panel
  • Cooks rice, porridge, & keep warm features
  • Capacity:10-cup rating: 120v 60hz 700w

Tayama TRSC-10 Cool Touch 10 Cup Stainless Steel Rice Cooker. Rating: 120V~60Hz 700W. Lock-tight pressure lid keeps rice fresh and moist for hours. Removable stainless steel inner pot and steamer. Unique heater plate for evenly efficient cooking result.Features include cooking rice, porridge, and automatic keep warm fuction.

I have owned several rice cookers as we love rice in our family. I had planned to by a Zojirushi but was disappointed when I found that they did not have any with a stainless steel pot on the inside. I have stopped using any cookware products with non stick interiors. So I kept searching for a quality rice cooker but only found aluminum interiors, and I didn’t want that. The odd thing is, you can find many rice cookers with beautiful stainless steel EXTERIORS but not stainless inside, where you need it!
I happened onto a rice discussion amongst some Asians and they were saying they love their Zojirushi and they love their Tayama. I had never heard of Tayama, did a search and found this. And I was very excited to see it had a stanless steel interior version available….wahoo!
I was skeptical, but bought it anyway. This rice cooker ROCKS! It is fantastic. I have cooked long, short, white, brown, sushi, sticky and every time it has been perfect…each little grain fluffing perfectly.
A big plus is it cooks my steel cut Irish Oatmeal beautifully, giving it a nice firm crunch….I hate soggy, lumpy oatmeal.
I have a kitchen full of stainless steel so I was a bit unsure of the flowers on the outside, but I just don’t care, this little cooker is great. I have used it daily for 3 weeks now and it is perfect.
The directions could be better, they loose something in translation, for instance it tells you not to clean pot with sandpaper. I’m sure they meant a hard abrasive, but it is kind of funny. They also refer to the rice cooker as “An Electric Jar”.
If you are looking for a high quality rice cooker with a stainless interior pot, this is your cooker!

Tayama cup stainless steel rice cooker1 Tayama 10 Cup Stainless Steel Rice Cooker