Royal Cook Automatic Persian Rice Cooker Review

  • I’m not quite sure what the deal is with the other reviewer here. I’ve used this for a couple years and am buying a second to give to our daughter and son in law.
    It is NOT made in the United States. That probably explains the spelling errors, get over it! I’m sure there is much more demand for the fancy rice cookers here but the Tah-dig brown crusty rice this unit produces is wonderful. This is not rocket science. You can figure out how to use this. You will be happy with this if you want Persian rice. (And God help you if you live in California, anyway!)
  • This Persian rice cooker is perfect for those who are trying to make Persian crisy basmati rice (“tah-dig”) with out the hassle. Just add equal parts water to equal parts rice, add salt and oil for taste and click the button. Once the rice is fully cooked the cooker switches to a keep warm function to keep your rice warm until ready to serve. Works with US electric system (120V, 60Hz). Comes in 5 convenient sizes. Please note that it is not necessary to cook the max capacity of rice in the rice cookers. For example you can cook 5 cups of rice in the 10 cup rice cooker. Approximate dimensions of inner non-stick coated pan for 5 Cups size: 8 inches in diameter by 3.5 inches tall.
  • Non-stick coated pan.
  • Thermal fuse to protect unit from burnout.
  • With see-through glass lid and measuring cup.
  • With “Keep Wam” function.
  • Works with US electric system (120V, 60Hz 900W).

Royal cook automatic persian rice cooker review1 Royal Cook Automatic Persian Rice Cooker Review