Oyama All Stainless Steel 10 Cup Rice Cooker

  • All polished stainless steel cooking bowl, streamer try and inner lid
  • Triple layered cooking bowl bottom ensures no sticking or buring of rice during cooking and warming
  • No Teflon or other non-stick coating are used with this cooker
  • Steams vegetables, meats, and other foods using the stainless steel steamer tray
  • Advanced 3-dimensional heating: lid, side and bottom heat for perfectly cooked rice everytime

This rice cooker is perfect for people with chemical sensitivities or concerns that heavy metals and chemicals used with non-stick coatings are unhealthy.

Have been cooking brown rice using this Oyama for a couple months.

Pros: Very hot and quick 30 mins cook time better than we’ve used in the past. Stainless, somewhat none sticky and easy to clean once it’s soaked for at least 5 mins. Matched shiny display on top of a granite counter because it’s stainless feature outside. Simple push button to cook and warm no confusion. Warm brown rice for over 24 hrs after that it’ll harden them rice on the side. Fairly priced.

Cons: Short cord. Hot bubbles on top spills over down to the side and could burn your hands if not careful. Again it’s not warm bubbles, it’s really freakin’ hot.

Concern: China made products reliability but better than Japan made products that overly priced. Most of them are eye sore at the kitchen.

Oyama all stainless steel cup rice cooker1 Oyama All Stainless Steel 10 Cup Rice Cooker