MaxiMatic EPC-808BL Elite Platinum Digital Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

  • 14 Multifunctions: Reheat, Brown Rice, White Rice, Wild Rice & Grains, Vegetables & Fish, Desserts, Potatoes, Pork & Ribs, Chicken, Beans, Stew, Beef, Soup, and Browning/Keep Warm
  • Convenient browning function pre-browns meats in the same pot prior to pressure cooking
  • 24-hour delay timer allows user to program cooking to begin at a later time
  • Attractive Brushed Stainless steel Housing
  • Removable nonstick 8Qt interior cooking pot for fast, easy cleanup

Enjoy nutritious, fast and flavorful cooking with the Elite Platinum 8 Qt. Digital Pressure Cooker. The unique process of pressure cooking allows you to trap steam during the cooking process, thereby, cooking food evenly, sealing in nutrients, and, most important of all, retaining flavor. With 14 preset functions including browning and keep warm, manual operation, a 24-hour delay timer,and an 8 Qt. inner pot you can cook a wide variety of meals for the whole family. Use the preset functions to cook delicious risotto, vegetables, meat, chicken, and much more with this versatile and elegant pressure cooker.

I have used many sizes and brand names of electric pressure cookers over the years. This one is the best! I have it in blue. It is a beautiful navy blue. Easy to program. Cooks faster than my other digital pressure cookers and is easier to handle and clean. The inner pot is nonstick. It does scratch a little with metal utensils, but it does not seem to affect the nonstick ability. I use this twice a week and cook large amounts of all kinds of food in it. This one browns, steams, cooks rice, slow cooks, pressure cooks and shuts off when done. It also has a long delay for starting the cooking of the food, which I do not use, but tried it and it worked. It cooks silently and quickly and the food tastes like it has been slow cooked. MARVELOUS APPLIANCE. Will buy another when I get some extra money and keep it for future use. This is a great price, too.
Maximatic epc bl elite platinum digital stainless steel pressure cooker1 MaxiMatic EPC 808BL Elite Platinum Digital Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker