LiHom LJ-MB106RE 10 Cup Rice Cooker

  • Power: cooking 650 Watt and warming 42 Watt
  • Cooker and warmer one touch lever operation
  • Warm function up to 12 hours
  • Non-stick inner pan
  • Easy cleaning, operation, and fast cooking time

LiHom LJ-MB106RE 10 Cup rice cooker is easy way to cook rice. One touch button control makes anyone to cook rice at anytime. LiHom rice cooker steams up to 4 cups of rice then it keep it warms until serving time. Its fluorescing Teflon (non-stick) coated inner pot cleans easily. It features double safety devices, easy access button activated lever for opening and closing. Indicator lights how whether cooking or warming mode is in use. Automatically switches to a warming mode when it is ready to be served. Special keep-warm heating elements keep rice warm.

Lihom lj mb re cup rice cooker1 LiHom LJ MB106RE 10 Cup Rice Cooker