Hamilton Beach 20 Cup Rice Cooker Red


This Hamilton Coastline Rice Cooker makes excellent rice whenever. It immediately cooks the rice then shifts to warm. Expand your rice arsenal from plain white to every kind from around the globe– brown, wild, basmati, jasmine and more. Nonstick bowl and glass lid are dishwasher protected. Has steaming container, rice paddle and gauging container.

Versatile – prepares rice from all over the world
Increase your rice collection from simple white to every type of rice, featuring brownish, untamed, basmati, jasmine and more
Perfect rice whenever – automatically prepares rice, then shifts to heat
Nonstick bowl and glass cover are dishwasher secure
Steaming basket, rice paddle & determining compartment are consisted of

One person had actually grumbled that there were no measurement lines inside the pot, and this is true; yet I never once used them anyway. I have identified as that the dimension lines (in all the pots I have actually made use of) are incorrect; that is, 6 cups of water by the pot’s measurement lines are NOT equivalent to 6 MEASURING mugs of water. So when I added the water to the pot’s fill line, then assessed the dry rice in a measuring mug, I always ended up with sticky rice. So I just make use of a gauging mug for both.

And, although it’s a different firm from my previous rice cookers, the pot and cover coincide dimension and design, so when I threw out the burned out component compartments from my old cookers, the old pots fit in this brand-new container. Through this I could cook a huge pot of rice and shop it in the refrigerator (in the stove pot) and afterwards make use of some of the other pots to prepare potatoes for potato tossed salad.

Also, I definitely suggest rice stoves with completely removable lids. I can clean my pot and lid in the dishwasher or in a container of warm soapy water. My nephew has a rice cooker with an affixed lid, which he constantly has to cleanse (individually with a sponge and fabric) with 409 or Clorox Cleaner in order to keep the lid clean and prevent mold and mildew from gathering on the in of the stove (both cover and heating component compartment).

So, 5 stars. It functions terrific and the price is really affordable, although it DOES NOT get Amazon’s free of charge shipping. I use it for everything featuring (in addition to rice), spaghetti/pasta noodles, potatoes, carrots, steamed veggies, chili, soup, and anything else one might cook in a big pot in addition to a stove. Additionally, it heats up really quickly, after that automatically closes itself down to the LOW position/temperature when the rice is prepared– however they all that, do not they. It’s a terrific purchase.

Hamilton beach cup rice cooker red1 Hamilton Beach 20 Cup Rice Cooker Red