Black & Decker RC426 Rice Cooker

  • I love to make stir-fry but cooking the rice was always a pain. I prefer using the healthier brown rice which is even harder to cook. After some debate I finally decided to try one of these and I wish I’d had made the decision a long time ago! Just measure your rice using the included measure and add water to the line. Add any desired seasonings and press “Cook”. When the cooking is finished it automatically switches to “Warm” to keep your rice warm as long as desired. Perfect fluffy rice everytime without timing or watching. Well worth the modest price. The only thing I might change is perhaps a bell to let you know when it’s done.

    Cooks 16-Cups of Rice

  • Non-Stick Pot
  • Auto Switch – Cook to Warm
  • Condensation Catcher
  • Tempered Glass Lid

The RC426 cooks up to 16-cups of rice perfectly in a non-stick pot with a condensation catcher and auto-switches to warm. The tempered glass lid includes a steam vent and the unit comes with a rice scoop and measuring cup.

This is the best priced and easiest to use rice cooker. It has a serving spoon, measuring cup, and holder for glass top. Makes enough rice for individual or family. It’s idiot-proof. I am uniquely qualified to make that statement.
Black decker rc rice cooker1 Black & Decker RC426 Rice Cooker