Black & Decker RC3406 Rice Cooker Review


I am very impressed with this rice cooker. Many of the reviews for other brands were not very encouraging. I thought that Black and Decker has never let me down, so I gave it a shot. I measure exactly as directed on the instructions and the rice comes out perfect. I even substitute broth for the water and add my own blends of spices based on my cravings that particular evening. The cleanup is fantastic. I am going to buy one for my daughter and grandson this Christmas. We have used this cooker about 12 times now and the results are consistent. Please note the smaller size of this unit if you cook very large amounts of rice at one time.
** I have now owned this cooker for 7 months and am still amazed at how well it works. It remains so easy to clean up even after using it about 2-3 times per week. It has always produced perfect rice. And, that is even when I add lots of different items for a variety of rice dishes.

I bought this rice cooker for my husband for Christmas. We never had a rice cooker so we didn’t know what to expect and for the price (and the other reviews) I thought I’d give this one a try. If there was any confusion about how much rice it would make, one look at it would be a huge clue….but I knew it would be fine for the two of us. I’ve made 2 ‘measures’ of raw rice and it was way too much for both of us ~ even though it’s designed for 3 cups (measures) I doubt we would ever make that much.

We love the small size and have cooked brown rice, jasmine and basmati perfectly so far. We learned that if the warmer is left on too long it will get a little browned on the bottom so we just unplug it and let it steam. I would give it 5 stars, however it does ‘spew’ as someone else wrote earlier and I’ve learned to put a paper towel under it to catch any mess. I don’t know if that is because it’s such a small size or if that’s common with rice cookers in general. However, the unit is very easy to clean. I read that some cookers have a hinged, non-removable lid and I knew I didn’t want that. For the price, this cooker is simple, efficient, takes up very little space and a bargain!

Black decker rc rice cooker review1 Black & Decker RC3406 Rice Cooker Review