Black & Decker RC1000 1.0-Liter Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Review


I owned a number of different rice cookers over the years, from $20 el cheapos to $350 Japanese models, but this is the only one I’ve ever had a complaint about.

It cooks rice just fine. It is a great size, it cooks quickly, and the non-stick pot is a breeze to clean. The only negative is the cheap, metal lid with the small, punched-out vent hole. Every other rice cooker I’ve owned in this price range has had a heavy, glass lid with rubber-grommeted vent hole. The weight of the glass and the size of the vent hole allowed the steam to escape while keeping the lid in place.

The metal lid on this one is so light and the vent hole is so small, that the pressure makes the lid lift up and dance around making noise and also allowing the steam to blow out the rice froth along the rim. this always makes a bit of a mess to clean up afterward. Also, the hole appears to have been simply punched out of the metal which left a very sharp edge that catches the scrub pad when I wash it and sometimes nicks my fingers. More than once, I’ve mistaken the small hole for a speck of food and tried to scrub it off…that’s how small the hole is. The metal is so thin that I’ve actually dented it a couple of times with my fingers. Finally, when used with the steaming tray, the lid is almost too small and doesn’t really fit well such that the lid fits down inside the lip of the tray rather than along its edge.

As I mentioned, everything else is great about this cooker. If it had a better lid, it would be perfect.

I live in Germany; therefore I ordered the 220 volt appliance. To my annoyance, it arrived with a British style plug that does not fit i European electrical outlets.. I will now have find an adapter to covert it from British to European plug. This should be noted in the advertisement.
Black decker rc liter stainless steel rice cooker review1 Black & Decker RC1000 1.0 Liter Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Review